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Drawing is the first thing I really got interested in when I was about 5 years old, after seeing a kid's drawing that had perspective. I saw depth on a flat surface and I was hooked. I think about the structure of things when I look at them. I believe people think in three dimensions more effectively if they cope with looking and rendering. That is to say, you think better and see better if you draw. 

I believe technology fails in this regard. There is no program out there that can draw as well as a stick dipped in ink. The connection between the hand and eye is all important to me. I think it is both basic and sophisticated at the same time. It will never be surpassed by new, flashy movements. Drawing is eternal.

indiana fine artist


Scroll down to see samples of my drawings. To see more and to purchase originals, visit the Store.


Drawings are sent in a mailing tube or reinforced padded envelope. You can frame and matt them as you wish. This makes them highly affordable. All of the works, regardless of size or media, are the same price: $200 each. These are plein air works, most of them are drawn with sticks found on the ground at the site. They are done in ink and/or watercolor.

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